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2 months ago

Gamescom 19 Beer2Gether recap: read it if you missed it

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Hey folks,

Our Gamescom Beer2Gether 2019 edition happened last week! As always it was a pleasure to see new faces and returning friends, and we hope all in attendance had a good time! If you weren't able to attend, here's how it went down:

6:45 PM This time around, things are happening at the Hard Rock Cafe. Everything is ready, or almost: the photobooth is being set up, the B2G posters are barely askew on the walls, the swag is ordered neatly on a table for easy handing out, we have set up our roll-up banners and everything. Now we're just waiting for people to show up... which is great because we're exhausted with the three days of Gamescom behind us! We catch a breath on super-fancy couches, looking at Nelly Furtado's shoes in a display case.

8:00 PM The party has been rolling for about half an hour and the first couple dozen people have arrived. Our co-founder Spacetroll makes a brief impromptu speech about Humankind and the need for Amplitude to be in touch with its community as it tackles its most ambitious project yet. A single, perfect tear rolls down our eye.

8:45 PM Sitting at a nearby table, devs & VIPs conspire. What are they talking about? I guess we'll find out in 2020...

8:50 PM MORE EVIDENCE OF CONSPIRING! How deep does the rabbit hole go?

9:40 PM Partygoers have found the photobooth and think it's some sort of vending machine. You can tell because they're clearly not looking at the sign that says "Look here". They probably didn't get the memo that said that food and drinks were on us...

9:45 PM Following Jeff's famous booze-sniffing nose (capable of detecting alcohol within 4 astronomical units) to find their way back to the bar. Jeff is delighted that we finally use his talents to their full extent.

10:30 PM Our German fans take full advantage of the presence of Cat-O-Nine-Tales, and finally air their laundry list of wishes for Humankind in their native language.  Cat can be seen below, screaming internally.

10:45 PM Things get hazy. Only photographic evidence of that time survives.

Some well-known faces.

Our Gamescom booth staffers! Adorable bunch.

Writing Bull and his crew.

The other part of the Gamescom booth, looking on top of their game.

Name a more iconic duo!

Is this the first Vaulters tattoo?

We had an amazing time, and we hope you did, too! If you couldn't make it, maybe you'll be seeing us at Pax West for another B2G...?

If you were there, feel free to share your favorite pictures in the comments below!


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